Operation: Increasing Vultage! [RESULTS]

Ave, Templars!

Today we had a good event! Deus Vult!

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RPF Operation Exodus exposed

An unnamed source within the highest levels of RPF leaked a top secret plan which RPF leadership have been working on for months.

Operation Exodus.


The above leaked screenshot speaks for itself. There’s so much I can say. I will let the people of armies form their own opinion. Just remember, a few months ago many claimed I lied about Left.

I never lie.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Deus Vult

Commando banned me in the guise of saving RPF after tricking me into leading RPF into success. Once we achieved the results he desired, I was tossed away. Humiliated. Commando, every action you did besides recruiting me harmed RPF. From KG to Waffles. Every-time you annually pop in to help RPF you’ve ended up killing us. You think you’re right but you prove yourself wrong everytime. You officially returned RPF into the dark ages. Doesn’t matter that they’re maxing 40+, you have restarted black ops. You have my former troops under your control, and they blindly follow your every word because you sound smart. You allowed the enemies of RPF to takeover the army. You would rather watch RPF die than see it live. Remember the sunset theme? You had me fooled for many years, not anymore. I look forward now because your cloud of darkness no longer hovers over me. I am free to create whatever my mind desires. I’ll never forget the values that I interpreted from the fight the good fight motto. I believe all RPF should do the right thing. Make up your own minds. I sacrificed my reputation and legacy to do what I know is the right thing. Leaving RPF, and not accepting a hush deal/blackmail.

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First they came…

First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
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Operation: Winning! [RESULTS]

Ave, Templars!

Today we had an AWESOME event! Good Job! Deus Vult!

Max 25

Average 20

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Club Penguin Online Exposed | Riley

Riley exposed.

Hello, Everyone. The management of CPO is 100% Broken. I am ashamed by how I ignored this for so long – too long. Not anymore. You can see all the evidence for yourself.

Whatever persona you choose today (Riley/Anthony/Waterkid)

You’ve already tried attacking me with your ugliest attempts to no avail.


Waterkid and Xxtoysoldier have one thing in common. You both built nothing. You see something successful then try and take it over, then abolish those you piggybacked on. Or just threaten them into submission. A recent example would be Epic and his attempt to run the RDA.

Waterkid, one day I had no army and you were in my xat. You asked me to reopen LT. I accepted. I wanted to start an army from scratch and defeat my enemies. Judging from my videos on Mikey Doe, I succeeded. LT began maxing 70+ within 3 weeks. After we reached dominance you banned me and my 2nd in commands. You replaced us then discredited us, erased our history, and bullied us. You then turned LT into Virtual Penguin. The most hated CPPS, known for trying to take down CPR. I noticed you treat CPPS’s as CP Armies, and you feel threatened when you don’t control the narrative. You are trying to monopolize armies and the CPPS community.

The truth is, I don’t fear you or your tactics.

Never forget. I’m the realest.

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CPO was always temporary for armies

I chose to host an army on CPO to prove that RPF can be challenged. They are not invincible. Templars rose an alliance and filled rooms without rogues. RPF became unable to raid us. That is when the moment we learned we gained the ability to defeat RPF in battle. That is until Epic (CPO mod) and his rogues hijacked/degraded our alliance. Then right after, Riley went psycho during his fake coup attempt to dig out his enemies, which he realized is mostly everyone. I quit CPO for the same reason I didn’t take a deal to stay unbanned in RPF. To do the right thing. The night Riley went psycho I told Edu to remove Epic from RDA chat. Edu ignored me, he was probably asleep. And six hours later Epic kicked/banned our entire alliance chat. The CPO staff (Riley, Epic..) witnessed our potential on day 1. They ended us out of fear we’re better. A day or two after quitting CPO, I was told my CPO penguin was banned. That news was irrelevant, as I already quit and never planned to login CPO again.

The face of RPF

Hello Everyone it’s me Elmikey. I am leading a new army called
“Templars Army”

I was the face of RPF for many years. I became banished again by people who wanted what we built for personal gain. Commando lied and removed me once I made him success. He and his pals
They lied about me through well made propaganda which took months to make up. I’m not the type of person to do what they’ve done to me. Anyone can make anyone look bad if they really tried. A real soldier would never follow orders when knowing they’re not doing the right thing. I did not accept a hush deal, instead I rebelled. I rebelled from RPF because they were comitting wrongdoings, I have done the same now against RPF as I did in UMA during 2007. I sacrificed my legacy to do what I believe is the right thing. Time has created a new age. An age where RPF has begun to fall behind. I will stay true to my values and fight the good fight the way I have always believed in. Even if it means I’m no longer under Commando717’s control anymore. He cannot use me. I do not want to be anything like him. I don’t need to play as if we’ve returned to the dark ages. I will fight the good fight. The good fight I defined and showed others.

Operation: New Day [Results]

Ave, Templars!

Today we had an AWESOME event! Good Job to all Templars! Deus Vult!

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Freedom will be restored..

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August 10th – Templars Army [Training Results]

Ave, Templars!

Today we had an awesome event! Read on for pictures!

MAX 20


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