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Biffer’s apology to Elmikey

Hi Elm its Biffer, I’d like to apologise for what has happened over the past week with exodus and explain why I didn’t stop it. Originally Exodus was a vague plan that I (foolishly) didnt expect to be executed until

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I denounce hacking and defacing of any kind

I denounce hacking and defacing of any-kind. I exposed the RPF’s lies and more in a post the other day, and immediately they shutdown. They made up lies about me, called me all sorts of names, and bullied anyone who

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Operation Godsbane [Results]

Operation Godsbane was a success. We reached our size goal of 20+ and did very well training. We are on track to becoming even more legendary. Deus vult! Thanks to all who attended, and those who couldn’t and still prepared!

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Commando and the Borgeousie

Commando717 is trained in the ways of Communism by a secret Sensei. Read on for more.


Hello all Templars! “Deus vult” Today. We continue the march! Everyone attend Operation Godbane 

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Operation: Gold Essence [Results]

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Templars Army Event Schedule

RED DAWN ALLIANCE EVENTCountdown Saturday August 18th,2018 RED DAWN ALLIANCE EVENT OPERATION: NEW DAWN Server: Oasis – Room: Iceberg Time: 4:00pm EST, 3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MST, 1:00pm PST, 9:00pm UK Wear Red, all allies invited!

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RPF LEADERS MEETING LOGS EXPOSED BELOW! SHOCKING DETAILS OF HACKING  AND MORE.  Operation Exodus was leaked yesterday and it detailed RPF’s plan to quit being a Club Penguin Army. Not everyone in RPF agreed. And Chip came for me to

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The choice is mine | Elmikey Irl Photos |

Hello everyone, and Chip. Nobody should be ashamed of how they look or be bullied or blackmailed over it. We are all equal and created in the image of god. I activated screen-share with Chip earlier only moments after I

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