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August 10th – Templars Army [Training Results]

Ave, Templars! Today we had an awesome event! Read on for pictures! MAX 20 AVERAGE 15

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August 8th Templars Army Event Results

Ave, Templars! On August 8th, 2018 we had a wonderful training event on Penguin Oasis. We went to the Forts. We soon marched our way to the Docks. Lastly, we climbed up to go to the Ski Hill! DEUS VULT!

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Yesterdays results posted on old site

Update: I reposted the results above. Hey my bad, I didn’t admin xing yet so he posted yesterdays results post on the old website. We will transfer the results to this site before the event. I hope u have a

How to respond to hatred

One of the greatest abilities is to be able to respond to hatred with kindness. You do not want to act like the enemy!

Penguinfalls temporarily offline

Our home CPPS: Penguinfalls is offline for maintenance and updates. We will be hosting our events on penguinoasis until the server comes back online.

Operation Wave [Video]

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Training Results 8/8/18

Ave, Templars! Today we had a wonderful training event on Penguin Oasis. DEUS VULT! Read on for pictures! Max 20  Average 18

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New CPPS | Beta Party!

PenguinFalls is the newest coolest CPPS! Join now

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Today we logged on Alaska, Cove for operation Wave. We managed to recruit quite a large number of users to our event as we spent hours before hand recruiting. We began by practicing some formations and some tactics at the

Operation: Battle with Help Force [Results]

We maxed 35.