Author: Earthling

War Training Event [Successful]

Hello Templars! Today in our war training event, we had maxed 20 and averaged 15! Good job today! 

RPF cropping images to create a different meaning

Recently RPF again published some crappy investigation to prove how we are “multilogging“. Like I mentioned in my post “The other side of every story“,they have done the same thing again,by cropping my images to create a different meaning,I leave

The other side of every story

Hello Templars, I am Earthing and I am currently serving as adviser to the Templars leadership(I have retired a long time ago from CPA way back in 2015),the new website which you are currently seeing has also been setup by


Hello Templars! Today was a legendary event. We maxed 20 (15) and averaged 18 (13). We defied all odds! Good Job today! Read on for pictures!

First Event/Practice Battle with RPF!

Hey Templars, we maxed 15 (10) and averaged 8 (3) at our first event!