Biffer’s apology to Elmikey

Hi Elm its Biffer, I’d like to apologise for what has happened over the past week with exodus and explain why I didn’t stop it. Originally Exodus was a vague plan that I (foolishly) didnt expect to be executed until years after I left. This was the state of it for many months. Then some time a few weeks ago Riley and sp00n had a fight in the CPC server. Left told commando that he could see CPA was going to remain toxic and he thought it was time to move on. I should have acted then, convinced people to stick it out to the end of club penguin private servers as that is what made us great. However I didnt after I was told that the planned date of execution was 1/1/2019. This date was many months after I planned to retire, due to having exams next year, so I decided to stick it out for the last months of RPF and have a shot at leading it to greatness. You know the rest of the story. Within half an hour of realizing we were destroying what you and many others have spent a good part of their lives creating, I stepped down from my position. I should have seen it earlier. Removing you wasnt needed as you weren’t harming RPF in any significant way.
Thank you for keeping RPF alive for so many years, and goodbye.
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