Operation: Gold Essence [Results]

Today we witnessed the start of death. I said tomorrow is never promised. What’s behind every snowball ever thrown? A whole universe. A mind. Your mind. Our minds. We did the impossible. Eleven years ago I joined the RPF, I wanted to be the best. I believed in our “motto” and took it to heart. RPF made me believe in more than myself. I learned I am loyal, inspiring,forgiving, and so much more. Now RPF changed into a generation who do not care about RPF anymore. A commonly asked question asked is “What are CP Armies”. The answer is: We are a war game based on Club Penguin. We fight for our ideas, for the existence of our armies.

Practice Battle Results:  As we fight for the survival of our community, Templar’s maxed 15 and fought an army who seemed to never give up. Our opponent fought bravely to the very end. As we were preparing to logoff,  RPF logged in for their finale event. I ordered Templars to log off and not raid. I do not celebrate death. I celebrate life.

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