Commando and the Borgeousie

Commando717 is trained in the ways of Communism by a secret Sensei. Read on for more.

It was a clear sunny day in March. Commando was at a Bernie Sanders rally in Vermont. Commando was a staunch socialist. He was amazed by the communist propaganda that Bernie Sanders had spoken about. Later that night, he went to sleep. A few hours later, he had woken up in a dark room with Soviet flags and Ushankas everywhere. A dark figure came up to him and revealed himself as, Al Gore. Al Gore had said to Commando that he must bash the fash and seize the means of production. After that, Commando had joined ANTIFA to bash the fash. After he was lectured by Al Gore on how to bash the fash. He had walked home to his Soviet-era apartment. Then out of nowhere… FASCISTS! Commando punches one! He’s knocked out! Commando activates Papa Stalin Super Saiyan Mode! He bashes the other two fascists while the national anthem of the Soviet Union plays loudly in the background. He continues walking to his Soviet-era apartment. And after a long night of bashing the fash, Commando goes to sleep. 

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