RPF Operation Exodus exposed

An unnamed source within the highest levels of RPF leaked a top secret plan which RPF leadership have been working on for months.

Operation Exodus.


The above leaked screenshot speaks for itself. There’s so much I can say. I will let the people of armies form their own opinion. Just remember, a few months ago many claimed I lied about Left.

I never lie.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Deus Vult

Commando banned me in the guise of saving RPF after tricking me into leading RPF into success. Once we achieved the results he desired, I was tossed away. Humiliated. Commando, every action you did besides recruiting me harmed RPF. From KG to Waffles. Every-time you annually pop in to help RPF you’ve ended up killing us. You think you’re right but you prove yourself wrong everytime. You officially returned RPF into the dark ages. Doesn’t matter that they’re maxing 40+, you have restarted black ops. You have my former troops under your control, and they blindly follow your every word because you sound smart. You allowed the enemies of RPF to takeover the army. You would rather watch RPF die than see it live. Remember the sunset theme? You had me fooled for many years, not anymore. I look forward now because your cloud of darkness no longer hovers over me. I am free to create whatever my mind desires. I’ll never forget the values that I interpreted from the fight the good fight motto. I believe all RPF should do the right thing. Make up your own minds. I sacrificed my reputation and legacy to do what I know is the right thing. Leaving RPF, and not accepting a hush deal/blackmail.

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