Club Penguin Online Exposed | Riley

Riley exposed.

Hello, Everyone. The management of CPO is 100% Broken. I am ashamed by how I ignored this for so long – too long. Not anymore. You can see all the evidence for yourself.

Whatever persona you choose today (Riley/Anthony/Waterkid)

You’ve already tried attacking me with your ugliest attempts to no avail.


Waterkid and Xxtoysoldier have one thing in common. You both built nothing. You see something successful then try and take it over, then abolish those you piggybacked on. Or just threaten them into submission. A recent example would be Epic and his attempt to run the RDA.

Waterkid, one day I had no army and you were in my xat. You asked me to reopen LT. I accepted. I wanted to start an army from scratch and defeat my enemies. Judging from my videos on Mikey Doe, I succeeded. LT began maxing 70+ within 3 weeks. After we reached dominance you banned me and my 2nd in commands. You replaced us then discredited us, erased our history, and bullied us. You then turned LT into Virtual Penguin. The most hated CPPS, known for trying to take down CPR. I noticed you treat CPPS’s as CP Armies, and you feel threatened when you don’t control the narrative. You are trying to monopolize armies and the CPPS community.

The truth is, I don’t fear you or your tactics.

Never forget. I’m the realest.

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