Freedom will be restored..

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Freedom is something that people rarely ever get. But many people choose to take away freedom from others. People who are like that are oppressors. Oppressors of the common person. Oppressors of freedom. Those oppressors are the Nova Phoenix Corps. They have been abusive to other armies by making them sign a “pact”. I tell you my comrades, this is no pact. It is a plan in motion to make a larger army that is harmful to the community. We will not let this happen. Therefore, on this day, August 11th, 2018, war has been declared upon the Nova Phoenix Corps.

The Third Great Holy War has begun.


deus vult.



(don’t use allies NPC. lol)

3 comments on “Freedom will be restored..
  1. smellsnice says:

    Ok but the real question is
    Why is the deus vult not in capslock

  2. smellsnice says:

    Seriously why isnt Deus Vult in caps lock

  3. BluePi says:

    We can defeat them!

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