Month: July 2018


Hello Templars, Today after spending the day growing our army with many new recruits we logged on with our allies the EGCP and we held a joint training session.  The results were great as we got about 65 online and

Good Training event!

Hello, Templars! We maxed 10 today due to a discord outage! Good Job regardless!

Break day was a good day

Break day was a good day. I hope everyone enjoyed. I just got a recruit within one minute of recruiting on CPO. Lol. I have some good ideas to help towards recruiting too. Ill let the owners know about my


Friday the 13th ❗ EGCP/Templars ❗ Expedition with our allies! Location: Flurry, Ice Berg Time:  5:00pm EST 4:00PM CST 3:00PM MST 2:00PM PST 10:00pm BST ————————————————————————- BOTH ARMIES WILL BE RED

RPF and their s**tposts

Hello, Templars! The RPF has been thrashing us with FAKE info. This is wrong. Here is my response to all of this.

RPF cropping images to create a different meaning

Recently RPF again published some crappy investigation to prove how we are “multilogging“. Like I mentioned in my post “The other side of every story“,they have done the same thing again,by cropping my images to create a different meaning,I leave

The Radical Penguin Federation

Hello Templars, RPF made a post compiled of screenshots from our discord server recently. This is merely RPF’s attempt to slow us down. Templars and armies like us are the only hope this community has. RPF must not be the

Successful unscheduled recruiting [Results]

Max 13 Avg 10! Good job Templars! RPF raided but we fought back valiantly. They raided to prevent us from recruiting! We will keep trying anyway. Be sure to attend the next event! Check #announcements on discord for more details.

RPF are not our rulers

You refer to yourselves as the community. You have turned your back on all armies and even each other. We are not blind to your wrongdoings. You will no longer bully other armies. We aren’t going to take it anymore.


Elmikey Edit: Due to recent multilogging accusations I have subtracted a size of 5 from all recent events.  Hello Templars! Today we had a fantastic Practice Battle with EGCP! We maxed 20 (15) and averaged 19! (14) And congrats to all who got