Today we logged on Alaska, Cove for operation Wave. We managed to recruit quite a large number of users to our event as we spent hours before hand recruiting. We began by practicing some formations and some tactics at the Cove & the Ice Berg, soon after, the RPF began to “raid” our event. We attacked the RPF as they began to log in and we outnumbered them by at least 30 troops. We showed the RPF & the Army community how dominant we really can be. Good work to all Templars that came to the battle.

Max: 50 || Average: 40

“have a life” nice excuse after 1 year of training sessions


RPF owner on their performance. We agree with you, Prom Queen Liz.

7 comments on “Defeating RPF [OPERATION WAVE RESULTS]
  1. Proski says:

    I came

  2. Ripmam says:

    Attended! Such a great win!

  3. Annon CPA says:

    Ooh the battle begins!

  4. Europa34 says:

    What a great win it was!

  5. HexPenguinni says:

    I came to this event, and I can confirm that the Templars absolutely wrecked the RPF

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