Red Dawn SUCCESS! [Results]

Hello Templars, today along with our other allies we had managed to max 70 and average 60! Good job! And congrats with promotions!



9 comments on “Red Dawn SUCCESS! [Results]
  1. ItVaries says:

    Atttended. Deus Vult!

  2. Leobaba says:

    Attended. BEST event I ever experienced!

  3. Scarlet Sky says:

    I was there! Thanks for the good time! I almost cried. 😛

  4. Jt812 says:

    I came, good event fellas!

  5. Iketani池谷 says:

    Joa, ganz geil und so ne

  6. neb0003 says:

    I came

  7. Karlmarx01 says:

    War ja meega geil

  8. kitskat says:


  9. kitskat says:


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