The other side of every story

Hello Templars,

I am Earthing and I am currently serving as adviser to the Templars leadership(I have retired a long time ago from CPA way back in 2015),the new website which you are currently seeing has also been setup by me and is being funded by Elmikey.

Many of you might be knowing that I am active in helping out new armies and I also develop various projects to help out CPPS armies such as CPRAM(Club Penguin Rewritten Army Map)and a dedicated CPPS which fully supports armies(Penguin Remix) being few of them.I also provide new armies free GFX and help them in customizing their website,make the new leaders understand wordpress,lightshot,plugins etc. and I am active in helping out the CPPS development community too(on SOLERO).I am also going to start my B.Tech in Electronics and Computer Engineering from 12th July and before it begins I am helping out my friends in the army community as adviser actively.

You might be aware that after our massively successful event yesterday(in which we maxed 20 and averaged 18) for which we had worked really hard(Xing,Elm,Jedi,Me) and also created a lot of hype,RPF has started accusing us for “multilogging”.I was personally at the event as you guys might have seen,and if you remember before the event started(about 10 minutes before),we had started logging in early and RPF leader Left came to see us on CPO and we had a size of around 10 and he called us “small fry” and “not enough big to bother RPF”(Note:This indicates he was caring about our sizes and wanted to ensure that we are a small army).Once the event began naturally more troops started logging in and soon we hit the sizes of 20(thanks to my friends from Penguin Remix,solero,cpps network etc. and Knights of the Templar).

Once we achieved the sizes of 20,it was clear that RPF leaders were jealous of our sizes as they couldn’t consider us small anymore.It was even more clear when several RPF members(or leader maybe?) started raiding our discord and started messaging things like “LOG OFF”,”EVENT OVER”,”F*** TEMPLARS,F*** YA N******” by also pinging everyone on our chat,thanks to our staff they were banned and the messages were deleted to avoid chaos during the event.

I would like to clarify some of the points which they have mentioned:

1)The claim that the penguins such as Japaneseguy,Flipmoo etc. could never do the tactic at the same time:

My friend from CPPS discords(Glade) who was using the penguin jujuju took the majority of the pics and gave it to me,here’s a pic sent by him in which all the “suspicious penguins” claimed by RPF are doing tactics at the same time 🙂

2)Regarding the penguin “FLIPMOO”:

I contacted my friend from CPPS discord(Discord name Base64 currently):

Thing is not many of my friends play CPO(as there are tons of CPPS nowadays,some used to play CPU,PR,Oasis etc.),so when I asked him to attend the event yesterday(which I called party as CPPS folks have hard time understanding events),he didn’t have an account so when he asked me to suggest some funny names I recommended him Flipmoo(he has no idea who Flipmoo is,Flipmoo is my ausia inspiration since I started my career in armies).

3)Regarding the stamp thing(which is basically connected to whatever I told in point 2):

I bet RPF didn’t bother to look at my penguin Earthing on CPO,if they had looked they would have found that I have only 2 stamps too:

Also among those,1 stamp I got from smiling yesterday(which all Knights of the Templar got yesterday).

Reason: I don’t play CPO(or almost any other CPPS,I am a developer not a CPPS player),most of my friends whom they are doubting don’t play CPO and they created the account yesterday or just a week ago(I am not sure about some of them) and they are active on other CPPS.

My personal opinion: RPF is jealous of the success of Templars(it’s not like we are a threat for them,still they didn’t expect an army lead by Xing to achieve such sizes),what they are forgetting is that behind every successful event by a new army there is a big role of the leadership,all our members were hyping the chat for the entire day.I still remember when I took the role of improving the AUSIA of Water Vikings(which was non existent) and then helped them to max 20+ sizes too.


This is not the first time that RPF is doing some bullshit,not to forget that various leaders have already been banned from their discord for expressing opinion which they didn’t like(sounds like autocracy to me):

Felicity(ACIDS FOUNDER) didn’t even complain about RPF on RPF discord,she was banned for voicing her opinion which seemed to RPF as against them on Templars discord(this sounds funny lol).

I have some further proof that RPF is actually shocked and jealous of our performance,but Felicity doesn’t want me to publish that and I care a lot about my friends so I won’t publish that.

Another point many RPF leaders are pointing out that I was ignoring them on Templars discord when they asked me some questions,I would just like to say I was busy(I was following both the event and setting up this Templars website as Elm wanted it to be ready really soon).I was having tons of GFX dm’s so I was replying to them too

Do I really care a lot about my friends?

You decide.

Also always remember:

(Identity hidden because the person is afraid to present his views regarding RPF)

Pardon my English it’s not my first language.

Earthing 🙂

3 comments on “The other side of every story
  1. felicityfox says:

    just to clarify, while I was banned from the RPF for making a comment about them in the Templars chat, Pop decided to unban me after I had a discussion with him. Acids aren’t trying to get involved with any of this and, considering I dont even own the acids anymore, I hope that the RPF wont bring acids into this war.

  2. I agree with felicity. I don’t think that the Acids can hold out to good, what with our size and all, but i think the Templars can hold out just fine. I guess, if it was really necessary, us Acids could help out. But, most admins disagree.

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