Month: July 2018


Today we logged on Alaska, Cove for operation Wave. We managed to recruit quite a large number of users to our event as we spent hours before hand recruiting. We began by practicing some formations and some tactics at the

Operation: Battle with Help Force [Results]

We maxed 35.

Red Dawn SUCCESS! [Results]

Hello Templars, today along with our other allies we had managed to max 70 and average 60! Good job! And congrats with promotions!  

You merely adopted the dark, I was born in it.

You’re not a DW legend, you defaced the website and turned it into a different army. Stop using “We burn the light”  (RPF’s leader has decided to use the Dark Warriors’ old motto: we burn the light, DW was a

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Lord Pain has spoken

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Operation Renaissance [RESULTS]

Hello Templars, everyday we grow stronger and stronger. RPF decided to raid us and we fought them back valiantly! DEUS VULT!

Operation Holy Land [Results]

Good day, Templars. Day after day we grow faster, stronger, and more wise. We are not blind to the obstacles we face. We will overcome every one. We are the Templars, and we are just beginning. I *salute* everyone who

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Operation Noble Knight [Results]

Elafternoon everyone… Today we conducted Operation Noble Knight. Our event was a successful one as we added some new Templars to our ranks! We maxed 15. We must be prepared to login for tomorrow’s tournament event. I want to see

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Good Recruitment Event!

Max 15 Avg 14! Good Job!

War Training Event [Successful]

Hello Templars! Today in our war training event, we had maxed 20 and averaged 15! Good job today!