Templars Army Event Schedule


Saturday August 18th,2018



Server: Oasis – Room: Iceberg

Time: 4:00pm EST, 3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MST, 1:00pm PST, 9:00pm UK

Wear Red, all allies invited!

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Biffer’s apology to Elmikey

Hi Elm its Biffer, I’d like to apologise for what has happened over the past week with exodus and explain why I didn’t stop it. Originally Exodus was a vague plan that I (foolishly) didnt expect to be executed until years after I left. This was the state of it for many months. Then some time a few weeks ago Riley and sp00n had a fight in the CPC server. Left told commando that he could see CPA was going to remain toxic and he thought it was time to move on. I should have acted then, convinced people to stick it out to the end of club penguin private servers as that is what made us great. However I didnt after I was told that the planned date of execution was 1/1/2019. This date was many months after I planned to retire, due to having exams next year, so I decided to stick it out for the last months of RPF and have a shot at leading it to greatness. You know the rest of the story. Within half an hour of realizing we were destroying what you and many others have spent a good part of their lives creating, I stepped down from my position. I should have seen it earlier. Removing you wasnt needed as you weren’t harming RPF in any significant way.
Thank you for keeping RPF alive for so many years, and goodbye.
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I denounce hacking and defacing of any kind

I denounce hacking and defacing of any-kind.

I exposed the RPF’s lies and more in a post the other day, and immediately they shutdown. They made up lies about me, called me all sorts of names, and bullied anyone who stood up to them. Most RPF lived fearing they’d be banned if they did the right thing. Commando said fight the good fight, and I interpreted it my own way. I will stand up and never stop fighting the good fight I believe in.

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Operation Godsbane [Results]

Operation Godsbane was a success. We reached our size goal of 20+ and did very well training. We are on track to becoming even more legendary. Deus vult! Thanks to all who attended, and those who couldn’t and still prepared!

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Commando and the Borgeousie

Commando717 is trained in the ways of Communism by a secret Sensei. Read on for more. Read more ›


Hello all Templars! “Deus vult” Today. We continue the march! Everyone attend Operation Godbane 

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Operation: Gold Essence [Results]

Read more ›

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Operation Exodus was leaked yesterday and it detailed RPF’s plan to quit being a Club Penguin Army. Not everyone in RPF agreed. And Chip came for me to help. Chip asked me to save RPF, by helping him mass ban the entire discord. Why do that? So RPF would have no other option but to remain a Club Penguin Army. They knew Operation Exodus is Commando’s attempt to get rid of RPF. I agreed to help save RPF. Commando’s tried this before twice and I stopped him. Why would I save RPF from destroying itself again? I want to move on from RPF, and help build my own army. One far from Commando.

RPF is not the same entity that I grew up with. Chip did do one right thing today. He’s revealed to you all that RPF can turn on you, make up lies, and hurt you in an instant. You banned me in December 2017, and ridiculed me since then. Now you come to me for help? Karma has arrived.

I woke up to these DM’s this morning

Chips alt

sounds familiar (Left hacking other RPF)

“Defacing and Hacking RPF Bought Me Joy,” Says Former Leader Xxtoysoldier

That Meeting channel was deleted at this point, we only managed to get these very telling screenshots.

Chip sent me the above screenshots of a high level RPF meeting chat from the alt account named “Mike Doe”. He’s since removed the screenshots from the DM’s, and has attempted to lie and erase his tracks. I don’t think he thought that I would’ve took screenshots, or spend the time making this post.


When Chip got caught…

Soon after

I also recorded the several seconds we were given mod on RPF discord

Trembling in my voice? Ironically, I recorded the call if you want to hear me.

I believed people can come together and I still do. One must put egos aside, and look at the world from a larger picture. I will always fight the good fight. The way I defined it. – Elmikey

While I was writing this post this happened. Lol.

RPF spies plan to infiltrate Pirates

If it means doing the right thing, sure. Just like my ban.

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The choice is mine | Elmikey Irl Photos |

Hello everyone, and Chip. Nobody should be ashamed of how they look or be bullied or blackmailed over it. We are all equal and created in the image of god. I activated screen-share with Chip earlier only moments after I woke up. I didn’t realize it would activate my webcam. He managed to screenshot my face in the one second it appeared. I’ll show you.

After working with Chip in an attempt to stop Operation Exodus, I blocked him because I don’t trust him.

Only moments later he DM’s me from a new alt threatening me saying “the choice is yours”

I guess meaning if I don’t comply he’ll leak my picture to everyone.

 I blocked him after he sent the above message

Then goes on an alt trying to blackmail me with the image below click read more Read more ›

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